Itinerant: Dr. Vaughn & Chiana Hutchinson

From South Africa, the couple have 30 years of ministry ex-

perience on 3 Continents, HVM is currently seeking R1

Religious worker Visas to appoint them as senior pastors

Elders Rocky & Jill Long

With The Well from inception, Jill and Rocky have a vision

to usher in the presence of God through music. They have

served in leadership for many years and also have a heart

for missions work

Elders David and Jodie Potts

Served for 4 decades in pastoral, administrative, worship

and prayer. A major focus in missions—leading short term

teams and pioneering homes for needy children.

Elders Tony and Linda Johnson

Serving since the 70’s this couple have worked in Schools,

on missions, in healing and intercession. They are

passionate about sharing the love and forgiveness of God

Pastor Dylan & Halee Hutchinson

Dylan has been ministering in the area for 6 years and

married Halee (Texas) nearly three years ago. Dylan is as-

sistant pastor awaiting on staff status and Halee is The

Well’s worship director